Competing in both in-person and online hackathons offers opportunities for you to learn blockchain development and win amazing prizes.

XRPL Hackathon: NFT Launch Party

Build scalable, sustainable, functional NFTs with XRPL.

NEAR MetaBUILD III Hackathon

Our world has changed. Meet new challenges in a way a true buidler would do, hack your way to the top. Build the next big thing on NEAR.

TRON Grand Hackathon - Season 3


Chainlink Hackathon Fall 2022

No matter your experience level, the Chainlink Fall 2022 Hackathon has the resources and mentorship you need to take your development journey to the next level.

Web3 Stack Hack

Create applications powered by utilizing a layer of distributed storage.

Ultra Uniq NFT PFP Hackathon

Create a collection of awesome art and have it deployed as Uniqs on Ultra's amazing, new Uniq Marketplace!

XDC DeFi Hackathon

Build it on XDC. Build your dream DeFi project on XDC Network

Zero-Knowledge Proof Hackathon

Bitcoin has been associated only with simple payments. But it can also run arbitrarily complex smart contracts, just as other blockchains, and do so more efficiently.


Web3 Hackathon backed by the best protocols. Benefit from free admission to NBX - the biggest blockchain conference in Europe.

Open Web House

Open Web House is a two-day offline event focused on software developers from Mexico who want to build web 3.0, as well as a space to mentor how to develop a smart contract and +.

BlockHack Global FE 2022

Bridging the gap between entrepreneurs and blockchain technology, promoting growth for blockchain-related projects and ventures